Tuesday, December 31, 2013

WikiLeaks? WikiEnlightens!

Recently, I've had a chance to grasp the general idea of WikiLeaks through an interesting Transcript of Secret Meeting between Julian Assange and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. 

What Mr. Assange understands and tries to explain is kind of a whole system of information flow which he names as a Censorship Pyramid. It can be diagramed as follows:



In this system, as Mr. Assange points out correctly, the biggest issue is whether the 'Primary Source' is JUST or not. And he knows, as others do, most of them are not JUST.

When he dealt with the problem, what occurred to Mr. Assange was "to make the primary source material public" by creating "a publishing system whose only defense was anonymity." Its defenses were purely technical because he had not much significant political allies and worldwide audience at that time.

Genius! And he named it 'WikiLeaks' accordingly!

However, when it comes to a whole system of information flow, that's not enough!
Actually, what Mr. Assange has been dealing with is 'Manipulated (Distorted) Information', not 'Information As It Is' which contains a powerful framework for understanding human nature and means of attaining prosperity and security in peace.

Therefore, we need to have the other one dealing with 'Information As It Is'. Let's call it WikiEnlightens.

I would like to ask questions to Mr. Assange and all of you seriously, if agree with me. How can we get WikiEnlightens? What kind of technologies are required to design it?

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