Friday, May 18, 2012

A Spontaneous Global Telepathic Orgasm

It is said that a spontaneous global telepathic orgasm that will transform human society is about to happen on coming June 6, Venus Transit.

KOOL, isn't it?

However, why don't we try to chew over the following passages from John Calleman's article after the orgasm?

"A “galactic alignment” has been happening every year ..... and will not create any shift in consciousness .....To think that a shift will happen automatically is just millenarianism in a new guise."
"The Maya clearly did not create their calendar to pinpoint a date in our own time and I think on this point all professional Mayanists agree. If so, they would have created a calendar that was a countdown to this time and they did not. The Mayan kings instead used the calendar to mark shift points in their own time and especially to connect themselves to the time 5125 years ago when the consciousness of nations and all the separation that went with it was first downloaded on our planet." 
"A big part of the reason that we do not have peace on earth is of course that we accept different nations as centers and organize our lives around these. If many decide to make the sun the center of the organization of their lives then there would be a completely new basis for life on earth. What I propose is that the shift in consciousness on the Venus Transit and the Winter Solstice of 2012 we should bring is to shift the center of our world from being the nation to being the sun. This can be done by establishing a connection of our third eye, which is our own center, with the sun and would truly be a shift in consciousness. This is not more of the same and it is not something that can be done piecemeal. It has to be done through a shift where we lift ourselves to a new level to become children of the sun. If we are telling ourselves: The sun is the center of my life we will know ourselves if we have reached this level or not. It will all be up to ourselves."