Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's Pause with the Wisdom of E. C. Riegel

How nice and beautiful it would be if: 
Is it just a daydream?
Not really! It is more likely than that if we have the tools...
Then, what on earth has been kept us from taking control of money? It is 'the common superstition that money springs from the State'

According to E. C. Riegel, "Money can be issued only by a buyer who later, as a seller, redeems his issue."  
But, in reality, all money is issued by a State!!! Prof. Riegel named the money issued by a State as Political Money, and explained:
Apart from the problem that the money is created out of thin air as debt in this modern banking system, what does a Government sell with the political money power? They sell 'austerity' and 'wars on bullshits (fears and imaginary security packages)' to their people. Am I wrong?

We are now witnessing how busy the governments in the world, especially the US government, to sell  its 'unnatural' 'goods and services' to its own people and others of all over the world.

Why don't we stop feeding the 'Merchant of Death'?

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